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Our mission is to help as many resposible gun owners possible get licensed to carry concealed so they can legally protect themselves and their loved ones. The world is becoming a more dangerous place by the day and we believe every responsible gun owner deserves the right to legally protect themselves and their loved ones.

Therefore, we created to provide quality training and instruction for responsible gun owners looking to get certified for their concealed handgun permit.

With our online course you can meet the training and certification requirements needed to receive your Oregon Concealed Carry Permit. 

We provide you with the Certificate of Completion required to qualify you for a Oregon Concealed Carry Permit. We also guide you through application process for your concealed handgun permit. Additionally you can see which states the permit is valid when traveling here.

If you are unable to receive your Oregon Concealed Handgun Permit due to the nature of our course, we will refund you 100% of your money paid at checkout. We do not issue refunds for failure to apply for a permit, it is soley up to you once you complete our online training course to apply for your permit. Please see our terms and guarnatee for more information. 

NRA Certified

BCI Certified

Accepted in
all OR Counties

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What our students are saying

"Thank you for the information. I have been around guns all of my life. I have a great deal of respect for them. But, I also have a great deal of fear. Therefore, I am looking forward to more training, shooting at the range, and overcoming a fear of guns. So far, with your training, it has been EMPOWERING."

Mindy S.

"Great way to get your carry permit. The company support was excellent when I needed help and would highly recommend them to anyone looking to take this course."

Deborah H.

"A smart way to get your carry permit when you want it... right now! I took the class and the test and now have the certificate to take to apply for my CCP."

Michelle B.